The story of Cpl. Jolley, 250048-08

1945., USA, Philippine Islands

23:00:31 Intertitle: The Story of Cpl. Jolley. Montage: ship arriving in San Francisco harbor, military band playing, people waiting on docks, blimp over troops waving from ship. MCU Alfred Jolley, bay bridge in background, view to shore & soldiers pointing, cheering.
23:01:42 Japanese banzai, CUs of Jap artillery, planes, army ambulance. Bataan prisoners. Bombing of Corregidor & landing. Wainwright surrender, flag lowered & Jap flag raised. View of rubbled entrance to cave; Japanese military ceremony. Jap propaganda footage of hospital beds in entrance to tunnels, wounded, men making beds, eating, recuperating.
23:03:11 Prisoner of War camp under tarps, Kindley Field Garage area. MCUs. Japanese Victory Parade, Manila. Sign: Mariveles. POWs on Bataan, pan & marching along road to San Fernando.
23:04:21 PoWs at Cabanatuan eating, barbering, starving, working for Japanese, reading newspaper.
23:05:12 WW2 training w/ wooden guns, trucks labeled Tank.
23:05:19 Japanese propaganda newsreel on taking of Philippines; landing in Aleutians.
23:05:46 Montage: American bombers bombing, bomb dropping; naval barrage, MacArthur walking ashore. Fighting, POWs released, Jolley w/ one arm wipes eye w/ handkerchief; cigarettes & clothes passed out.
23:06:41 Ship into SF harbor, waving, WACS passing out mail. CUs reading. Docking & down gangway, hugs, kisses.
23:07:32 Parade of Army troop buses in San Francisco, kids waving flags, arrival at hospital.
23:07:50 Pedestrians & military along Market Street; Jolley looking at school. W/ family looking at scrapbook.
WW2 Homecoming; WWII Capture; Pacific; Philippines; 1945;

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