Surprise Military Homecoming: Video Chat Turns Live

Dad serving in Afghanistan walks in on family Skyping with him.




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  1. soldiers= murders. The only difference is that the government allows their crimes. I don't remember any war that involved the army protecting the country. it's always attacking.

  2. ill tell you like i told ol dude for one day you need to stfu respect these men cause everywhere youu look around you aare soldiers they did things they didnt want to and arent proud of but they did it for people like you so tell me is the not the sacrifice other than there lives they can give to a total stranger, so stfu happy thankgiving

  3. i highly doubt a murder victim gives a fuck whether she dies for a good cause or just cause. that logic also applies for murder. it's irrelevant y u kill. let it be self defense, or just cuz, at the end of the day, it's murder! i would understand if we kill for survival, but we don't! we kill cuz of greed(money, oil, gold), beliefs(religion, politics!) or simply JUST CUZ! no, u don't respect soldiers! They have options just like anyone else. they choose the easy path, just pull the trigger!