Soldier surprises radio DJ fiancee after 10-month deployment 🇺🇸 #shorts

August 17, 2023 2326 Views

A soldier returned home from 10 months abroad to surprise his stunned fiancée at work. Staff Sergeant Jeremy Miller had been stationed in Ansbach, Germany, for 10 months, and as soon as his fiancée Maria Palmer caught a glimpse of him, she immediately leaped into his arms. Maria – who goes by Palmer and is a presenter and director for 106.5’s The End, in Charlotte, North Carolina – had been told that Jeremy’s flight had been delayed, and so she was completely oblivious to what her colleagues had in store for her. In the heart-warming footage, Jeremy, 32, can be seen approaching the radio station before being led into the waiting room outside the studio on August 28th. Palmer, 25, meanwhile, had been told by her colleagues that she needed to attend a meeting, only for someone to retrieve her midway through discussions. She was told there was listener in the waiting area who wanted to meet her and take a picture – a fairly standard request for a radio personality – but as soon as Palmer entered the area, she was overjoyed to discover her biggest fan – her fiancé.

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  1. When I was a child we moved back stateside after dad’s final hitch in the Corps. We came back 2 months ahead of him. I was walking home from school and some jackass was behind me reving their engine, and honking at me. I raised my hand and flipped the bird 🖕and yelled fuck you asshole. All of a sudden the car screeched to a stop beside me and the yells out “Fucking hippie maggot!” I pretty much dove through the window to hug my dad who had come home earlier than expected.

  2. She was texting that afternoon telling her bfssss that she cut it off with them! Trust me. I see these women everyday! When they’re husbands leave for deployment or ship. They will do anything for tattoos and god knows what else. Or spend HIS money! I get sick to my stomach when they walk in the shop and say my man is gone. Because I know what that means.