Most HEARTWARMING Military Homecoming – Welcome Home U.S. Fighter Pilots

Video: Most HEARTWARMING Military Homecoming – Welcome Home U.S. Fighter Pilots

F/A-18E Super Hornets with Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 115, EA-18G Growlers with Electronic Attack Squadron (VAQ) 141, and F/A-18E Super Hornets with Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 195 arrived at MCAS Iwakuni as part of Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 5’s relocation from Naval Air Facility (NAF) Atsugi, Japan, Nov. 28, 2017. The relocation of CVW-5 from NAF Atsugi to MCAS Iwakuni fulfills the final Defense Policy Review Initiative objective. The relocation is in accordance with the United States’ strategic vision for the rebalance in the Indo-Asia Pacific Region and does much to further strengthen the U.S.-Japan security alliance. (U.S. Marine Corps video by Cpl. Waiyan Tin, Staff Sgt. Cambria Ferguson and Senior Airman Gabriela Keiser)

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  1. Hello guys!! My name is charles and I am a brazilian citizen and I would like to say that, I love the american patriot channel!! Here in brazil, people are not patriot as you. I am a executive pilot and I love america!! Thanks for share your videos! Good bless american!! Byy

  2. These video I have to stop watching it it gets me everytime now I'm crying ,but I feel so so so bad for our soldiers that has no one,when they come home there no one and no home to go to that hurts it break my heart ,for those guys I bless them with all the happiest

  3. I’m not complaining I’m grateful to God that I got to come home at all from Vietnam. But I had no one to come home to and believe it or not nowhere to go. I went to my sister in LA when I left Fort Lewis and was discharged the day I returned from one year in Vietnam as an infantryman with the 101st airborne division. Second highest award 🥈 (The distinguished service cross) but I was not going to stick around to receive it as is the protocol. I was drafted and I was living at a gas station and going to school to save money, when I reported for active duty the owner sold the gas station and that was it for ever coming back. Parents were horrible alcoholics and impossible to consider living with. But after sitting at Los Angeles airport for an entire day staring at the ground with my duffel bag I realized there’s nowhere else to go so I took a plane to Phoenix. And took a taxi to the address I had for them and that was a horrible idea they were both drunk and putting on a huge crying scene so I never even uunpacked and Igot a cheap hotel and I told him I’ll be back in four days if you’ll get sober I consider staying with you until I decide what to do with my life , if you’re not sober I’ll go and re up at the nearest army recruiters station. They did get sober. Us grunts coming back from Vietnam had it really hard ! we were hated by our own country and so many young men married their girlfriends just a few days before shipping out ( they also got to have sex with them the first time, very different back then) and they came home to babies and bitter wives , and then when they got over to vietnam, almost all of them got a dear John letter saying that the girl didn’t realize she was gonna have to wait so long and she’s only human and well she screwed somebody else and now she’s in love with him he’s name is Jody! So many of the guys that I knew the guy killed killed how do use instant had these instant drug and marriages while drunk and horny and so instead of the money going to their mother the life insurance money and the casualty money went to some teenage girl who was probably doing some teenage boy. I never felt so lonesome and lost as when I was discharged from the army and dumped on the street. It took a while but I settled in and moved in with my battle buddy and his wife in Tennessee. Met a beautiful church going girl and married. 52 years ago.

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